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Why not hunt for him the 21st-century way—on the Web?I certainly had nothing to lose: I'd run screaming from enough freaks I'd met the old-fashioned way.I write back and list fishing, mountain biking, riding on a roller coaster, and—as a joke—flying on a trapeze.It's a reference to Trapeze School New York, a place where people with Barnum & Bailey envy can work on their aerial skills (or their approach-avoidance issues).Or maybe they're just delusional."U look interesting . "Next, I have an exchange with a med student in Nepal. —and tell him that, during college, I spent a month living in a village in southern Nepal, studying meditation with a holy man. "How about talking about adventures while having a martini? (I can barely see his face, but the action shot is sexy.) The other reveals a balding guy with a sweet, boyish smile and charming green eyes."Your profile is superb and it is the thing that pulled me towards you! I e-mail back and suggest meeting the next night at a So Ho haunt called Raoul's. It is, until we actually do it—on a November day when an Arctic front sweeps in and breaks the warm spell.The women are camera shy, too, but when they do post snapshots, they steer clear of animal stand-ins.A quick scroll-through reveals perky yogatistas, horsey chicks, funky boarder babes, and some serious adventure girls—the ripped types who roam the aisles of REI, saying things like "I'm so stoked!

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I'd let myself get picked up on the street by a tall, handsome high school teacher who took me out for a drink, ordered red wine, and proceeded to sip it through a straw so he wouldn't stain his teeth.I'm praying we don't capsize as we head north on the Hudson River under a chemical-orange sky, barely crawling against three-knot currents. Veg is in the back, breathing hard and struggling to steer.Our guide, Kayak Company owner Eric Stiller, is ahead of us.I'm going to Guam next week."Single And Active males, meanwhile, aren't just men of few pixels; they're men of few words. Have you heard of the young man in Nepal who has been meditating in the forest for six months without food or drink?Maybe they're so busy climbing in the Alps or running rivers in Colorado that they've lost communication skills. but I'm far away in India," writes one guy, who adds, absurdly, "Are u planning to be here soon? "I suddenly picture myself in the Himalayan outback surrounded by yaks and a chanting, bony husband. ONE UNSEASONABLY warm morning in late fall, an e-mail arrives from a backcountry skier who's chosen an obscure vegetable for his screen name. One shows him tearing down a slope, knee-deep in snow.

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