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But for all the jokes they make, the comedy still has no bite to it.

Sure they use the F word a couple times and there are shots of people’s butts which are always hilarious.

I can’t be alone, either, as her box-office record speaks for itself.

I am, however, mad at her, as she’s made it infinitely harder to stand up for her after this summer’s double feature of comedy caca that is The Other Woman and Sex Tape, which debuted this past weekend to limp reviews and an impotent box office to match.

Sony Pictures has released the first Sex Tape clip from director Jake Kasdan’s upcoming comedy, as well as a batch of new high-resolution images from the film.

The pic stars Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz as a couple who, after discovering that their three-hour intimate video has accidentally been uploaded to the cloud, set out to delete the video from the i Pads of their friends and family and ensure that their reputations aren’t ruined.

Second, I am almost positive that Apple devices don’t automatically sync up with other Apple products, especially when they aren’t on the same network ( doesn’t just show off the many made up attributes of the new Apple i Pad, it also takes Annie and Jay on one of those crazy one night adventures you always hear about in the movies.

Credit is due to Ellie Kemper for being cute as a button and to Rob Lowe for poking fun of his past indiscretions involving some similar incidents, but overall there is much to be desired once Segal and Diaz hit the road.

My favorite part was seeing the fake posters they set up for a fake concert set deep in the background of the shot. As the movie was marching on I looked around and I saw that people were laughing.but Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz had chemistry and liked being a little raunchy. More of the same was not going to do it for me, so I was hoping for something better, a tall order. Jay, played by Jason Segal, is a music editor and gets two brand new i Pads every time Apple comes out with a new one and then just gives the old ones away as gifts.Cameron Diaz, who plays Annie, is inspired to make a three hour sex tape using one of the new devices.I will note that the lead actors have no problem putting it all out there to try and get a laugh.Diaz has always been one of Hollywood’s hottest and anyone who has seen knows Segal has no problem letting it all hang out.

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