Dangers of dating sites

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Here’s the latest “Parents, Please Commence Freaking Out” video.

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They agree to meet, whereupon he films each girl’s shock and near collapse when it turns out to be him and his terrifying “safety” message.According to the Lifestyles condoms website, it's safe to use a condom in water "as long as the condom remains on the penis." Unfortunately, Boyle says condoms have a greater likelihood of slipping when wet, and a condom can't be as effective as it needs to be if it's not even on.Lifestyles' site recommends to put the condom on before you get in the shower and to note that "if the water contains chemicals such as chlorine or additives such as bath oil or bubble bath, it may harm a latex condom." While the odds of bubble bath shooting from your showerhead are slim, it's important to note, just in case your bathroom ever becomes a cartoon. That boy’s mom and grandma wanted to keep their child safe, but I would not be surprised if any natural “gut instincts” of his have been shattered for life.(Not to mention his trust in his loved ones.) The same goes for the young ladies here.

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