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The folklore of some native peoples of Siberia, who would routinely find mammoth bones, and sometimes frozen mammoth bodies, in eroding river banks, had various interesting explanations for these finds.

With occasional warmings during the ice age, climate would change the landscape, and resources available to the mammoths altered accordingly.

who was on the Ob River in 1722, said that mammoth tusks were well known in the area.

The first known members of the genus Mammuthus are the African species Mammuthus subplanifrons from the Pliocene and Mammuthus africanavus from the Pleistocene. A 2011 genetic study showed that two examined specimens of the Columbian mammoth were grouped within a subclade of woolly mammoths.

The former is thought to be the ancestor of later forms. This suggests that the two populations interbred and produced fertile offspring.

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