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The difference between each voice has to do with the aim of their satire.

The animal voice in Hispano-American literature from the second half of the XXth century Abstract The animal character and the animal narrator have always played an important role, either in mythology, fables and the epic.

In the late twentieth century, the incertitude regarding the metanarratives and the subsequent creation of theories that value the voices that were before silenced, gave the animal voice a new strength.

When it comes to finances in a New York divorce, you have to lay all of your cards out on the table. As a foundation to resolving the issues of equitable distribution, spousal maintenance and child support, both spouses must complete a full and in-depth assessment of their income, assets, expenses, and liabilities in a “Statement of Net Worth.” The Statement of Net Worth is “sworn to” affidavit; all of the representations contained in the document must be true. False statements, misrepresentations or attempts to hide assets or understate income could irreparably destroy your credibility in the case Completing the statement can be a time-consuming and burdensome but necessary task.

To complete the financial disclosure document, you should resist the temptation to merely guess at your net worth.

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