Jung woo sung lee ji ah dating sites

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Koh Eun-chan / Actress Yoon Eun-hye, Coffee Prince employee. He stays away from the family business unlike his family members and relatives and finds himself as the outcast of the family, which makes him a lonely soul. He is in control of every aspect of his professional career and is good at what he does but due to his past relationship with Yoo-joo, he is not comfortable around woman. Each strand of hair seems to give her a wicked intellect. Although she is never intimidated by anything in life, she has a tender soul and is emotionally vulnerable.

A strong-willed young lady Who cares if youre a man or a woman. One day, she meets a handsome man who makes her wish that she could look attractive like a lady... So when he meets Eun-chan, who has a pleasant smile and puts people at ease, he is immediately attracted to her... Although she loved Choi Han-sung, she left him to go to New York and pursue her passion for painting.

17 episodes Also known as "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" Synopsis Coffee Princes Flagship Store is a TV series that revolves around the love life and dreams of four young people who meet together at a caf.

Han-gyeol (actor Gong Yoo) is a smart young man who hates to be tied down to one career in his life.

They sweated over jobs that other people overlooked and became skilled workers.

Its time to reflect on what is truly important in building a successful business instead of focusing on the bottom line, Casting Choi Han-gyeol / Actor Gong Yo, Heir of Dongin Foods. How could I kiss that poor-looking, overdressed kid?!

She supports her family who live in a small one-room rooftop apartment. To reach her career goals, she first has to deal with the cold and aloof Han-gyeol who she finds herself falling for... i have watched already the whole story and i love to watch it again and again.

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In the 1920s, Japanese cafs, which were called Kikdajeom (喫茶店) began appearing in Seoul.

The first caf that was opened by a Korean was called Kakadyoo and it was owned by film director Lee Gyeon-seok.

He washes his mouth with Listerine but he cannot forget the disgust of that moment.

The moment when their lips touched He is smart and witty but he is a restless soul who cannot commit himself to one line of work.

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