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Hughes added curved structural steel rods that were sewn into the brassiere under each breast cup.The rods were connected to the bra's shoulder straps.Pat reluctantly frees his prisoners and returns their revolvers after extracting a promise from Doc that he will give them back and make Billy do the same.They manage to elude the Indians, but Doc refuses to honor his word.There are no witnesses, and Pat tries to arrest Billy.

The next day, a stranger offers to shoot Pat in the back while Billy distracts the lawman. Billy, suspicious as always, guns him down just before being shot himself.The Kid can leave his past behind him and have a fresh start in life. Pat had removed the firing pins from Doc's revolvers. He handcuffs Pat, judging that the lawman will still state that Billy is dead rather than admit the Kid left him helpless.Fortunately for Billy, while comparing the guns, he had inadvertently switched one of Doc's for his. As he is riding away, Billy stops and looks back; an overjoyed Rio gets on his horse.However, as they await the signal (the end of a cuckoo clock signalling eight o'clock), Billy realizes that Doc is a true friend, and moves his hands away from his guns.Doc tries to provoke him, inflicting minor wounds in one hand and both ears, but the Kid still will not fire. Furious, Pat calls Doc out, despite not having a chance.

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