Marcus schenkenberg dating now

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Writing in 'Clothes Show' magazine in 1995, journalist Sylvia Patterson memorably declared: "Marcus Schenkenberg is so good-looking it is, frankly, preposterous.He's a cartoon fantasy man..chest is a two-seater sofa!Anyone familiar with the runways of Milan, New York, Paris should be familiar with this true demi God..... ) that goes on forever, Marcus is the thing that dreams are made of.Full of photos dating back to his discovery while rollerskating in a teensy pair of pink shorts, this book will satisfy every possible hunger that relates to Marcus.The only other piece of information I'm still curious about is whether he speaks Dutch.I was happy to see that the proceeds from New Rules are donated to charity as well.It is tremendously exciting to see a glimpse of the beauty and sensuality that men are capable of.

I am amazed by his beauty and the quality of the photos, but the best part of the book was finding out little details about Marcus.

It's loaded with good pictures of him but also blurbs from people he works with and his own thoughts. When the pictures get old you still have interesting reading.

Mariah Carey reportedly had a brief fling with Swedish model-turned-actor Marcus Schenkenberg in 1998, but their relationship didn't last for long.

As a book that could be easily directed at those legitimately interested in fashion, one would expect this book to pay some tribute to that world.

But instead the book focuses completely on the usually dull life of Mr.

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