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So therefore, a Buddha’s speech is that when they speak, it hits everybody at their level. Two, whether you are very far away or you’re nearby, the level it hits your ear will be exactly the same. Just think, during Buddha’s time, there were no microphones, speakers, sound systems. There are many, many qualities of speech, and everything that they speak becomes – this is very important – everything they speak becomes a method, a path, a cause for enlightenment. And when they look at you, when they understand you, they perceive your previous lives down to a pore of your hair, down to your eyebrows, the shape of your eyes, the color of your skin, everything… Even the cause of a single pore on your skin, they know the cause.and the causes for you to have that result, they look at you, they see directly, your previous lives, unlimited. And not only do they see you in the present, they see the past, the present and the future simultaneously, all in one shot. And every single sentient being on this planet, in the universe, in samsara, they perceive directly. Sambhogakaya form is a Buddha’s body in enjoyment form.Just like Mahatma Gandhi, who used his body for others non-stop by his fasts that freed so many people, and inspired millions around the world. Like Nelson Mandela, like the great ex-Prime Minister Mahathir, who had to maintain his body, who had to wear suits, who had to look good, who had to be healthy, to run the country and make the country so great. I mean he could have used his body playing golf all day long, non-stop but using your body to benefit others…sitting in an office wearing nice clothes, that’s using our body for others. So how happy we are to do that and enthusiastically shows the level of our mind and how altruistic we really are. The more we want to get methods to help others, the more altruistic we are. So making our bodies easily available for others, and very happy to do so shows a level of altruism. Everything else you can share, your body you can’t, you only have one body. I mean who will be ridiculous enough to paint up, and redecorate and refurbish the hotel room that you rent for overnight?

But on this planet, it’s the five aggregates, and the four elements.

Avalokiteshvara is white, wearing beautiful raiments, beautiful jewels, fabulous hair, you know, clothes that fit. So that is perceivable by Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas and high level practitioners who have visions of these beings. So for ordinary schmucks like me, who can’t see the enjoyment body, Sambhogakaya, or perceive the truth body, Dharmakaya which is without form, we have to stick with the Nirmanakaya. So the mind that this being is in is of course Dharmakaya, but the body that they have is Nirmanakaya.

Jewelry, ornaments, on a fabulous lotus, amidst an aural of light, he doesn’t smell, his body is perfectly V-shaped, it’s soft, it’s strong, yet it’s just emitting light…wouldn’t you enjoy yourself if you have that body? And that body, because it is borrowed of this earth, borrowed of this planet, borrowed of the mineral and resources here… Because these beings are on this planet and they need to relate to these beings on this planet.

So like that, these three bodies arise from the mind of a holy Buddha.

Then the actual body, is we don’t kill, we don’t steal, we don’t commit sexual misconduct, we don’t beat, no vulgarity of the body.

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