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And it is important to not forget Spirit's public lobbying and encouragement of map community wants and the Remake Quake guys for the testing lab for experimental game play ideas. versus, say, the old days that focused on "neato" features. Would be great if you would add support for any filenames to be supported and the "cd play" command. And GL Pro Quake gets 600 frames per second on some CPU video card combinations *and* Pro Quake's render is NOT as fast as Fitz Quake's entirely rewritten renderer. You've got a lot of different Fitz Quake forks that "matter" including the RMQ Engine/Quakespasm and some things that Fitz Quake could do natively in Windows like some of my experiments and mods. several independent laboratories sorting out the "good stuff".

I am not dismissing the importance or value of the wild and crazy days or their contribution as the backbone of some of the things we have today. Baker, you ought to prepare some random generator for that kind of recurring posts... Example: music mymusic1 Notice that you don't type the file extension: The requested music will be searched with ogg, mp3, and then with a wav extension, automatically. Maybe at some future point metlslime will decide on the features for Fitz Quake 0.90 or even Fitz Quake 1.0 ;) 2.

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I had edited that but edited as view "100" rather than viewsize "100", which I had correctly entered in my file. Usually one only needs it to work around engine's overwriting each others settings or not even saving them in the first place. I have fullscreen and my full resolution of 1440 x 900 set and also viewsize "100.000000". It works great except for the mouse; even with free look enabled and mouse speed set to the minimum possible slider setting, my mouse is unusable - any movement causes the player camera to point straight down and wildly spin in circles.You can set the "proper" movement speed by setting "Always Run" to "yes" in the menu. If the viewsize is so big it does not show the HUD by default it should be considered as a bug. About demos not playing: It's Steven's design not to play demos automatically when the engine starts. About travail's soundtrack: You can use it using the latest svn (place them under travail/music/ and rename the tracks properly so they look like track XX.mp3) Experiencing the same statusbar problem with that engine too. I have to use the keyboard to move the player camera up and down. The "replacement" audio track support is incompatible with the existing Darkplaces implementation.Maybe you had an existing that was the culprit for this? when i change certain values for taking screenshots only to reload the engine later to play a map and think "where the hell has my weapon/sbar/crosshair/fov gone?? i just find it handy and have used the same one since 2001 or so Oh, I forgot about aliases. rj, I use this: alias screenshot_on "r_drawviewmodel 0;crosshair 0;viewsize 120;fov 100;showtime 0;showdate 0;showfps 0;bind q screenshot_off" alias screenshot_off "r_drawviewmodel 1;crosshair 1;viewsize 100;fov 90;showtime 1;showdate 1;showfps 1;bind q screenshot_on" bind q screenshot_on OK... It would be nice if you could either adjust to that or get in contact with Lord Havoc to make DP support your way.And Metlslime really polishes up his work (maybe only Jozsef ... This post is getting a bit wordy now, but the body of work that Metlslime, aguir Re, Tyrann and Sleepwalker produced has created a solid foundation for people like the Quakespasm team, MH, myself and others to play around with. Which have performance issues for reasons that have been solved since then (flashes using video hardware gamma instead of just drawing an alpha-blended poly).And the thing I think is particular neat about the Quakespasm team is the non-Quake centric experience of the team. Case in point, the Direct3D8.1 wrapper version of Pro Quake gets 80% of the performance of GL Pro Quake (equivalent of stock GLQuake rendering). Fitz Quake modification and experimentation is a bit fragmented right now.

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