Operacija ii drugie priklyucheniya shurika online dating

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) - (Operatsiya „Y“ i drugie priklyucheniya Shurika) is a 1965 Soviet slapstick comedy film directed by Leonid Gaidai, starring Aleksandr Demyanenko, Natalya Seleznyova, Yuri Nikulin, Georgy Vitsin and Yevgeny Morgunov.

Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures was a hit movie and became the leader of Soviet film distribution in 1965.

Incidentally, too much vodka and beer makes two of them unconscious. See full summary » A former aristocrat Ippolit Vorobyaninov leads a miserable life in Soviet Russia.

His mother-in-law reveals a secret to him - she hid family diamonds in one of the twelve chairs they once ...

By accident, Ivan Bunsha, an apartment complex manager, and George Miloslavsky, a petty burglar, are transferred to the 16th ...

The culmination of the story is the "Warehouse Battle", involving Shurik and the criminals using various impromptu weapons such as musical instruments and rapiers.As Shurik follows her reading the notebook over her shoulder, they become so deeply absorbed in reading the notes that Lida never looks up, instinctively assuming that Shurik is one of her female coeds.The two are completely engrossed in reading and never look at or speak to each other, following a sort of humorous pantomime.In spring 2012 a monument to Lida and Shurik reading the class notes over her shoulder was installed in front of the Kuban State Technological University, Krasnodar.At the end of the 1970s and the 1980s, the film was released on VHS as part of the series "Video Program of Goskino USSR".

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