Overeager dating

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The character, whose surprise revelation makes the movie all the more dramatically intense, stands as one of the more interesting in franchise history, villain or otherwise.He's sort of like a Batman-lite (speaking of Keaton) who has taken the wrong path with his life and opportunities.He not only believes he has his foot in Tony Stark's door, but he also feels he's all but a full-fledged Avenger.

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Learned gentlemen of numerous disciplines have pondered as to whether or not said "she" is, in fact, Your Mom.To take a perfectly innocent phrase that just came out wrong said by one person and then irk that person by turning it into an innuendo.It's also interesting to note that it pretty specifically keeps to what said with its uses leaning towards things a woman would say in response to a man's actions or physical attributes.Things are going to get blown up, people are going to be in peril.There wouldn't be a movie like this otherwise, but to say that watching these same scenarios play out for the sixth time just in Spider-Man movies isn't getting a little long in the tooth would be to lie.

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