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Protoman 21XX PAGE these are the characters (bosses)that I can show some concept art .........................Play Protoman 21XX (Alpha 1.0) online with Super Nintendo browser emulation for free!- Buster shots are changed to Level 2 Charge shots.- Level 1 charge is changed to Level 3 Charge shots. mega hack This is a really good graphic hack of megaman X were you can play as protoman who apparently is way stronger then X but anyways the game play is the same as megaman x except you fire charged buster shots rapidly and when you charge it up you get a force field from armored armadillo.Play Games from Retro Classic gaming systems including Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advance, Atari, etc and from the greatest franchises including Mario, Pokemon, Sonic, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, etc.RGR offers games of every genre including RPG, Platform, Arcade, Sports, Puzzle, Strategy, Simulation, Board, Card, Multiplayer, etc.

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- Level 3 charge is changed to the Charged Chameleon Sting weapon. However, a Linux version won't probably happen anytime soon as the tentative 100k€ stretch goal wasn't even remotely achieved. However, considering the game has been Greenlit and the (backers-only) update just after the end of the campaign is entitled "The end. ", it seems very likely that creators will keep developing the game. Creators kept working on the game nonetheless, and some time later they found a publisher that funded the game entirely. Meanwhile, the early access version of the game can be purchased on their website or on Desura.(Free 64-bit early build available) Funding unsuccessful.Whether you're going to video game design colleges for a video game design degree and need some inspiration, you're interested in reliving your childhood or you want to simply experience some of the greatest games ever made, Vizzed RGR is for everyone!All games are no longer being sold but I will remove any copyright violations upon request.

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