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Another big thank you to our keynote speaker, Mike Lisenco N2YBB!

The Brewers took part in a rite of spring Tuesday, when they filled a truck with baseballs, bats, racing sausages and the rest of Spring Training's necessities and sent it all on the road toward Phoenix, where pitchers and catchers report for duty next week.

For example, “I only want to meet someone between 40 and 50”, meaning someone aged 51 will not be considered because they’re not in the right category.

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By his own admission, he is ‘very well‑off’, owns several properties, including a £1.3 million terraced house in affluent Chiswick, West London, and is financially set for life, thanks to a series of successful investments.One Mail Online reader put it succinctly in response to the article’s question asking why women were finding it so difficult to find a man with whom to settle down: ‘It’s because every man they meet has already been taken for a ride and had his pockets emptied.’So should the old adage ‘Where have all the good men gone? Chris is adamant this is the case —and believes single, middle-aged women in particular should look closer to home when casting blame.You might want to dismiss Chris as just another misogynist. A devoted husband of 21 years to his late wife Rosie, who also worked in television until her sudden death from an undiagnosed heart condition in 2008, the urbane Chris is as removed from a stereotypical knuckle-dragging woman-hater as you could hope to meet.A widower, Chris is educated and well‑travelled — in part thanks to his previous career as a BBC cameraman of 30 years’ standing. For hobbies, he flies small aircraft and enjoys dining in Michelin-starred restaurants.So why, you might wonder, has Chris joined the growing band of British men, old and young, who have sworn off women for ever? There simply aren’t any good women out there.‘I have given up.

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