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They will go out of their way to do anything for their friends and lovers, even when they realize they are being taken for granted; they will continue on acting like they don’t care that they are constantly being taken from.

Now, in having experienced this before on my own, as well as watching some of my friends go through it, I can see where people with this complex have a massive amount of their own personal trauma and emotional scars.

I am proud to say that after an experience with a damaging ex (which is a long story for another day) I finally learned to take some things for myself and not be taken advantage of.

Thinking on that, I can honestly say it was for all the right reasons that I fell for said friend, and be proud of myself for that.

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I remember posing a poignant question at the beginning of an article, “before Lupita did you not know your black was beautiful?Seeing “Formation” sprawled all over twitter that night piqued my curiosity.I watched the video and understood why phrases like “black activism” and “#blacklivesmatter” were being ascribed to it.Thus, it perpetuates the cycle as they get worse and worse. It’s easier to reach out and help someone else with their problems while neglecting their own. She works full time in Customer Service/Computers, part-time in retail and fashion, goes to school part-time on and off, maintains this and another couple of blogs, as well as volunteers with rescue dogs.However, the need to save themselves is still strong within them, they’re just channeling it into what they’re doing for other people instead of helping themselves. Take time to heal yourself and don’t let others take and take from you until you have nothing left to give. In her free time, what little of it there is, she likes to read, play nerd games, craft and create art, and spend time with all of the awesome people in her life.

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