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If the author of Stream Ripper and the proprietors of the music stations are fearing for themselves, then they obviously have not put in as much research into the issue as they claim or have quietly circumvented laws and copyrights and hoped nobody notices.In the specific case of Stream Ripper, this looks to be true.I am not looking to get paid, just to be heard..that what musicians get into the business for?Capitalist aspirations for the internet threaten our access to the expanding amount of content and information.

On top of that, there are definite per-stream royalties associated with each MP-3 the end-user creates.By 2005 RIAA had lost most of it's lawsuits and began to fade away, due to music swapping becoming a global way of life.RIAA by this time had become a legend unto itself, an example that corporate greed gets one nowhere. Well I don't think multicasting is dead, as many companies are just beginning to recognize the substantial benefits in bandwidth utilization that can be had, and in fact a lot of work is currently being done to scale this technology so that it can run better on the Internet.Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

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