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BATFE was declared a criminal organization by Parliament and any surviving members are subject to arrest, trial, and punishment if apprehended.

The Beast—Term similar in meaning to ZOG used initially by Christian Identity people to describe the federal government of the United States and the Zionist, liberal power structure in general.

Since the NAR is the Homeland of all Indo-European peoples, a white immigrant is considered to have Come Home.

As is the case with any conflict, nothing about the War of Independence was ever as neatly cut and dried as the Republic's history books have portrayed. The Northwest American Republic's political police. The mission of BOSS may be summed up simply in the five words of its motto: "We will never go back." In Don Redmond summarizes that mission when he says, "The revolution is forever.The national anthem of the Northwest American Republic.Active Service Unit—The basic building block of the NVA paramilitary structure.The faith of Pastor Richard Butler, Robert Miles, and many others among the founding fathers of the Northwest American Republic.The essence of Christian Identity is the transfer of God's Biblical covenant from the Jewish people to the Gentile or Aryan peoples through the medium of the Christ's Passion and the Crucifixion.

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