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I have a 100s of drawings that have blocks (Block_Old_Style) within them .

Get Attributes ' Again, display the tags and values str Attributes = "" For I = LBound(var Attributes) To UBound(var Attributes) str Attributes = str Attributes " Tag: " _ newvar Attributes(I).

Tag String vb Cr Lf _ " Value: " newvar Attributes(I).

You must assign the correct object type or you will get a Type Mismatch error. Update End If End If Next o Ent Exit_Here: Exit Sub Err_Control: Select Case Err. Clear Resume Exit_Here Case Else 'Handle unforseen errors. Add Attribute _ ' (height, mode, prompt, _ ' insertion Point, tag, value) ' Insert the block Dim block Ref Obj As Acad Block Reference insertion Pnt(0) = 2 insertion Pnt(1) = 2 insertion Pnt(2) = 0 Set block Ref Obj = This Drawing. Insert Block _ (insertion Pnt, "APA013", 1, 1, 1, 0) Zoom All ' Get the attributes for the block reference Dim var Attributes As Variant var Attributes = block Ref Obj.

I've marked up your sub using the logic I gave you earlier. However, after I wrote this, I forgot that you have to use ATTSYNC once you modify the attribute and since you've renamed the Tag String ATTSYNC can't find the attribute and wipes out the Text String of all your block insertions. The route you need to take is to get all insertions of the old block, store there attribute info. Item(Name) Set Block Obj = Get Block(Name) If Block Obj Is Nothing Then Err. 'Set Attribute Obj ="INFO_BLOCK_ID" 'Since Block Obj is a collection, you can iterate it. Number Case Is = 1000 'Block not found This Drawing. Get Attributes ' Move the attribute tags and values into a ' string to be displayed in a Msgbox Dim str Attributes As String str Attributes = "" Dim I As Integer For I = LBound(var Attributes) To UBound(var Attributes) str Attributes = str Attributes " Tag: " _ var Attributes(I).

Instert the new block at the same location, copy the att data to the new block. There is code in this forum for selecting blocks and the Get Attributes method. Dim o Ent As Acad Entity For Each o Ent In Block Obj If Type Of o Ent Is Acad Attribute Then Set Attribute Obj = o Ent If Attribute Obj. Tag String vb Cr Lf _ " Value: " var Attributes(I).

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Plentyof Fish has spun off a new dating site called e Vow, which is only for those seriously looking for a long-term relationship.

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